Greek Goddess.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The last full week of kindergarten was Greek Week, which involved an introduction to ancient Greece, Greek mythology, and gods and goddesses.  On Friday, the kids were encouraged to dress as their favorite god or goddess.  With little time to throw together a costume and little knowledge of goddess-wear, I turned to two of my favorite resources:  Pinterest and Target.

Big Sister had not yet decided on a favorite goddess, so I went with something generic.  I had two specific instructions:  (1) must be a one-shoulder style dress, and (2) must have some blue in it.  I found a white knit dress at Target, which I used as a starting point:

I removed the straps and the bow in front and replaced them with braids made from blue jersey fabric.  I followed the awesome instructions from Make It and Love It's braided headband tutorial to make five-strand braids for the straps.  You can't see it here, but I attached one strap on each side of the bodice back, to help ensure that the dress would stay up.  Because the straps turned out so well, I went ahead and made a matching headband.  I used a three-strand braid for the top trim and hand-stitched it carefully to the bodice.

Before I knew it, we had a goddess dress:

Big Sister never did choose a favorite goddess, but it was fun to hear her classmates debate whether Hera or Aphrodite was best.  I, however, did choose a favorite goddess -- Anthena, Goddess of Sewing!

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