Blue Lily.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I recently posted a cute photo of Mr. Great and me on my 10th anniversary post.  Did anyone notice the credit to Blue Lily Photography there?  We were lucky enough to catch Wendy and Tyler as they came our way on their worldwide tour.  I have so much respect for these two, with kids just slightly older than mine, who have taken their incredible talents on the road and are seeing the world together as a family.  I'm sure the nomadic lifestyle is not easy (just read this blog post), but what an amazing experience for them.  And what an amazing opportunity for those of us who would otherwise not be able to work with them.

We recenlty had Tyler take some photos of our family.  One thing the Blue Lilies do very well is capturing the real.  Even when portraits are posed, Blue Lily photographs somehow manage to have an unexpected spontaneous, playful quality to them.  After our session, I was a little concerned that we posed too much and that our natural family interactions and personalities wouldn't come through.  But I've learned my lesson -- Never Doubt the Blue Lilies.

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