KCWC: Rad Shorts.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I showed you the Lottirina dress I made during the Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  But that's not all I sewed (although the KCWC never fails to make me feel like the least productive sewing mama on the planet).  I also put together a pair of Sew Sweet Patterns Rad Shorts for Little Brother.  They use bias tape down the side seams and around the legs instead of a hem.  Totally, well, rad.

I've used Sew Sweet Patterns before (remember the fun Twirly Dress?) -- they've got many cute patterns and are alway developing more.  And although I knew Dana at made has a free tutorial for very similar Racer Shorts, I bought the Rad Shorts pattern because I like supporting independent pattern designers and what they do.  Especially nice ones like those at Sew Sweet.  My late-night sewing brain also appreciates having a complete pattern to work with rather than having to create, adapt, resize, or modify another.

These shorts went together surprisingly quickly and easily (using store-bought bias binding helped, though I would have preferred all cotton binding).  I made a 4T for Little Brother, knowing they could be a bit roomy to begin with, but wanting them to fit through the summer.  I think the sizing is accurate.  They fit just as I'd hoped.

I did make a couple of simple modifications to the pattern that I'd recommend.
(1).  On the side seams, the pattern shows the front side seam encased with bias binding placed over an unfinished back side seam.  I didn't like that edge being unfinished, so I serged it.  Next time, I'd do that from the beginning.  Also, a handy tip -- although pinning those side seams together will work, I found it much easier to use wash-away Wonder Tape, which is a fabulously useful sewing notion.  I'm always finding new uses for that stuff.
(2).  Before I sewed the waist casing, I became convinced that the front waist was too high for my round-tummy kid.  So I took an inch or so off the front of the waist.  I'm glad I did.  There would certainly have been too much fabric if I hadn't, and I probably could have taken off even a bit more.

Rad shorts for a rad boy.  A rad boy who likes to drum for the plants in the garden.

Grow, strawberries, grow!

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