First Grade.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Sister started first grade yesterday.  She was nervous, unsure about the new situation, convinced she wasn't ready.  But she was excited too, and she went to school with a smile on her face.  On the way to school, she spotted a rainbow, surely a good omen for things to come in first grade.  


Last year, when I sent my baby off to kindergarten, I shared some of my hopes and dreams as she began her formal education.  This year, as I look back at the photos of that tiny girl and see how much she has grown and developed in a year that felt like a week, I still hope for all of those things. 


But as I kissed my baby goodbye, I wasn't thinking such lofty things this time around.  As I turned to go, with a busy day ahead of me, my hopes for first grade were pretty simple:
I hope I can pack her a decent lunch every day, and I hope she will eat it.
I hope she will learn to like math a little more and write letters backwards a little less.
I hope she will not be too afraid to ask to use the bathroom, and I hope she will wipe thoroughly.
I hope she will be glad to see me when I pick her up, but will not want to leave friends behind.
I hope we can manage the nightly burden of homework and violin practice without too much drama. 
I hope we can get her to bed early enough for a good night's sleep, but still enjoy the dedicated book-reading time that is so important to us.
I hope we can mange the earlier waking and more structured morning routine, and get everybody out the door on time.
I hope I can keep track of the schedules, deadlines, emails, and logistics of two schools.
I hope the return to the rhythm and routine of the school year will be good for our family. 
More than anything, I hope this kid will be happy and that I'll get to see her smile a whole bunch.

First grade, treat this child well.  She's a winner, and you're lucky to have her.

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  1. Violin! Oh my! We miss your girl. I know she will have a great year.