Go To Disneyland Dress!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We just got back from a family vacation to Disneyland.  Before I say more about the trip, I want to share Big Sister's Go To Disneyland dress.  It makes me feel so happy and accomplished to look back at photos of her wearing the dress on her first day at the Happiest Place on Earth

As a sewing mama, I felt a ridiculous compulsion to dress my kids in mama-made Disney clothes.  I managed to make each kid two Disney items, which I count as a huge success.

Not long before our trip, Andrea (the Awesome) of The Train to Crazy released her Signature Dress pattern at her new website, Go To Patterns.  I'd made the free version of her go-to dress before, which I loved, so I knew buying the improved and expanded version was inevitable.  And I decided that it would be perfect for the cute Minnie Mouse fabric from Ixat that I'd been saving.

I made a size 7/8, which is a fantastic fit.  I used cap sleeves with bound edges, neck pleats, and knee length.  I omitted pockets, because I didn't have time to mess with them, and because the fabric, with a looped almost terry-like back, is a bit thick. 

I had to improvise a bit, as I didn't have enough fabric for the entire length of the dress.  So the bodice part and skirt part are separate pieces, cut at the elastic line with seam allowance added to each piece.  I put the elastic casing on the outside of the dress to cover that seam, and I lowered it as much as I could (the seam is right below the very top of the black waist strip), as the original elastic line seemed a touch high to me.  I also added a faux drawstring tie.  The dress was a big hit.  I was even asked a couple of times where we bought it.  Nothing makes a sewing mama happier.

I highly recommend this dress pattern, which is quick, easy, and fun to sew.  I can't wait to try some of the other options included.  And I can't say how thankful I am that Andrea chose to include big girl sizes in her pattern.  I've been struggling with my not-even-six-year-old-girl outgrowing so many patterns, so it's refreshing to know that this one will be with us a good long while.

As I was finishing this dress, Andrea's blog tour began, showcasing lots of Signature Go To dresses, and featuring lots of glowing reviews.  Be sure to check them out!


  1. It's perfect! Great idea to use up a smaller piece of fabric. I'll be sharing this on the Go To Patterns Facebook page! If you want you can link it up to Make It Wear It this week or add it to the Flickr pool! http://www.flickr.com/groups/1944910@N24/

  2. I love the fabric you chose. Glad you were able to make it work with the improvisations! :)