More Baby Gifts.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I never shared these baby gifts I made a while back.  I'm not sure if there's anything more fun to sew than baby gifts.  So tiny, so cute, and actually useful.  I hope I will never run out of babies to sew for.

First, another round of voile burp cloths made from fun Spoonflower fabrics.  The first round were so well received as gifts that I couldn't help but make more.  And once I figured out the key to pressing the voile (as described in my previous post), they came together quickly.

One set backed with Kushies Washable Flat Diapers, which I'm convinced is, hands down, the best burp cloth fabric ever:
The other backed with an unbleached birdseye weave flat diaper, which is absorbant but not nearly as soft:

A dozen burp cloths stacked up neatly:

Don't these make a nice gift bundle when packaged with a handmade pacifier keeper?

I've talked about my pacifier chains before.  I know it may seem crazy to give a baby gift of beads.  I realize parents may not feel comfortable with it, and that's okay.  But I'm confident in their safety.  I buy wood clips and beads from Hobby Fun House in Denmark, and everything is nontoxic, lead free, and meets European safety standards.  I use industrial strength nylon cord, and I double string and double knot everything. 
Next, some bibs.  I'm pretty sure I used the free Liberty Bib pattern from Purl Soho.  I added a second fabric to the bottom part of the bib, and stamped some twill tape to make personalized tags.  It's a bit hard to see, but the frog bib says "FEED ME," and the dog bib says "WOOF."
I personalized a set for a sweet little Liam and included a personalized pacifier chain and Texas teether.

By the way, aren't my new models by Herman Marie as cute as can be?  They make me smile from ear to ear.  I'm brainstorming about how I might incorporate them onto some hangers for showing baby clothes.

A Half Birthday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Because Little Brother's birthday is Christmas Day and tends to get overshadowed a bit, we've started celebrating his half birthday.  This year, it seemed awfully hot for a party, so we opted for a family celebration at Oma and Opa's house, which I think is the Happiest Place on Earth (apologies, Disney) to my kiddos.

Our birthday outing began with a visit to the Wimberley Express Train Station.
After some math practice and a quick lesson on making change, each kid had a ticket to board the Wimberley Express.
Those yellow hats are from a rubber duckie race,
which they attended during a previous visit to the Happiest Place.
Little Brother's favorite color is green.

See those seat belts?  And those seat backs?  Oma and Opa don't miss any details.
There are no pink train cars, so Big Sister chose blue.

Feathers in her hair!
And that left Mr. Great with yellow.  Such a good sport, isn't he?
"All aboard," says the happy conductor (who bought the Gator specifically to pull the train).
Away they went, down the road.
There were many trips that day, up and down the long driveway, trying out each train car.
Before long, Big Sister was driving the train (er, Gator).

Later, we treated Little Brother to a special dessert of his choice.  We're not fancy folks, and we're not afraid to stick some candles into chocolate pudding.

Not pictured, swinging on the playscape and hanging out in the treehouse.  What a happy half-birthday it was.  There's no doubt that boy knows he's loved.