Happy Halloween, 2012!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spiderman and this not-so-wicked witch wish you a very happy Halloween!  May your day be filled with treats, not tricks.  Or if you do get tricked, may they be the sorts of tricks that make you laugh and smile.
So, this year's costumes.  Little Brother chose Spiderman.  Because I'm obsessed with the idea that costumes should be as well-made as everyday clothing (after all, this little guy has worn his Batman costume at least twice a week for the past year), and made with the sorts of materials that can be worn every day, I started with Disney pajamas.  I bought a second pair off Ebay and made a hat (I'm crazy like that).  I put together a mask out of some fleece scraps.  But the best part of the costume has to be the shoes.  The kid loves his Spiderman boots.  (Note that this is not the first time the shoes have been the best part of a costume -- remember the viking princess?)

Big Sister, who wanted a traditional Halloween costume this year, chose to be a witch.  She doesn't remember, but she was a witch once before.  A witch princess, to be precise.  She's grown a bit since then.
I'm a bit sad to say that I didn't make any part of Big Sister's costume this year, unless you count her trick-or-treat bag, which didn't even make it into the photos.  But I did assemble a cool costume, thanks (as always) to Etsy. The fabulous patchwork hat was made by Penelope's Costumes. I wish you could see it in person. It's beautifully made, and the fabrics are gorgeous. Bioethnyx Arts made the purple felted spider dangling from the end of the hat. Sew Jewell made the cape.

Watch out for this spooky crew tonight. If you see them, say BOO!


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