In the midst of merry madness.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I've wanted to post about some really fun things we've been doing -- a Father's Day hike, a sixth (bunny!) birthday party, a superhero run, a sewing workshop in New York City, Thanksgiving ziplining and scooting, playing with cousins.  But, as you've probably guessed, it's too much.  I can't seem to find the time to get photos from camera to computer to blog.  I'm too busy having fun with my little family and our extended family, squeezing in some sewing when I can, volunteering a bit here and there, and just keeping it all going.  And now the Month of Madness is upon us, when my to-do list grows exponentially and every moment seems to lead to December 25, which is both Christmas and Little Brother's birthday.  It's a fun time, but good golly is it busy.
This weekend, for example, will begin with a Daisy Scout sleepover in the school cafeteria, followed by a children-giving-to-children holiday parade, a garden maintenance volunteer event, a birthday party, some gift-making, and some angel tree shopping.  See?  Busy.
If you find yourself wondering what I've been up to and why my blog seems a bit stagnant, you'll know why.  Madness.  Merry Madness.

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