Think Purple.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In this month of Thanksgiving, my family spends time each night talking about Thankful Things and filling our Bowl of Blessings.  As the election dust is beginning to settle, I return to this:

I am thankful for our right to vote, which so many fought tirelessly for, and which our nation protects fiercely today.  In my city, there were very long lines.  People waited hours to cast their ballots, in a state where everyone knew where our electoral votes would go.  By 4:00, more ballots had been cast than in the entire 2008 election.  So I am thankful not only for the right to vote, but that so many value it so highly and exercise that important right.

I am thankful also for our right to express our political beliefs freely and openly, without persecution or retribution.  People of deeply held and varied political beliefs are friends, neighbors, colleagues.  Despite different beliefs, we manage to get along, mostly, and see past those things that divide us.
Yesterday, we were a nation of reds and blues.  Today, I'm thinking Purple.


I choose to think today about what unites us as Americans.  The right to vote and advocate for our political beliefs, the freedoms we share, our strength as a nation -- these are things we can all agree on.  These are the things that we want to preserve for our children and model for other nations.

It's easy to think about the red and blue divide, to get sucked into the pundits' talk about mandates and political turmoil and impossible challenges ahead.  It's harder to focus on common ground and shared values.  In this time of post-election analysis, I challenge you:  Think Purple.

In the end, we are so much more than red and blue.  We are friends, neighbors, colleagues.  We are people who work hard and want to leave this country better than we found it.  We are Americans.  We are Purple.
America has always been a country of red, white, and blue.  But today, my America is Purple.  If you see me today, you will see that I am wearing purple and you will know why.  I am thankful for all that unites us as Americans.

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