My Christmas Elves.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Okay, so Christmas wasn't just an enormous pile of cardboard.  We actually had quite a bit more Christmas spirit than that post suggested.  See?

Our cute little elves, Sparkle and Nicky, visited again this year.  One morning they left some Christmas clothes, which the kids wore when we went to choose a Christmas tree.  They brought great hats too, made by Elf Hanna, another day.

Big Sister's dress resembled one she had, and deeply loved, a couple of years ago.  She wore it year-round, until it was much too small.  Sparkle and Nicky enlisted the help of Elf Meli of JAM Clothing Co. (Jolly And Merry?), who made this new dress with her one remaining screen-printed deer.

Our own elves, Sparkle and Nicky, made Little Brother's Christmas shirt.  It appears they used an Ottobre t-shirt pattern, not sure which, and chopped it up to add shoulder pieces.  They might have been inspired by this Indietutes pieced t-shirt tutorial.  Maybe.

Maybe next year Sparkle and Nicky should bring Mr. Great something red and green?

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