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Thursday, January 31, 2013

We've been having some technical difficulties at our house, everything from seemingly interminable computer backups that make photos unavailable for weeks on end to expensive plumbing issues that give me great appreciation for a working washing machine.  In fact, today we are having the main water line to our house replaced and keeping our fingers crossed that the big, beautiful trees in our yard will not suffer from the disruption of some roots.
Since I have not been able to access my photos, how about a post devoted to blatant consumerism?  Sometimes I find things so wonderful that I think everyone should know about them.  Here are a few of my recent finds.
Japanese Towels
Our bathroom is at the very end of our linear ranch home, so it gets very little air flow and is not well ventilated.  This means that towels do not dry.  I've struggled for years with sour-smelling towels.  And although this former cloth diapering mama is quite good at vinegar rinses, Oxy washes, original Dawn washes, and all the other tricks used to strip stink from absorbant fibers, I get very tired of having to do all that.  But I've found the solution!  Japanese towels!
These have changed our lives.  Seriously.  They're very different from plush, enormous American towels.  One side is a soft woven fabric, and the reverse is an extremely soft terry with more space between the loops than you'd ever seen on American towels.  These things feel great -- they're unquestionably soft enough to snuggle a baby in -- and they dry quickly.  We double them over and put two on one towel bar, and they actually dry.  Best towels ever!
As with so many things, quality comes with a hefty price tag.  These are not cheap, and sales are hard to come by.  But, in my opinion, they're worth every penny.

I've bought Kontex towels and Yoshii towels (the polka dots are my absolute favorites!) from Rikumo and Lekker Home.  Great experiences all around.  I've also bought some polka dot ones from Viva Terra that are quite nice.
Custom Serger Thread Rack
I don't know why it's almost impossible to buy a hanging thread rack for serger cones.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find a thing.  So I went where I always do in that situation -- Etsy.  I found the nicest couple at Butterboo's Crafts to custom make a rack for me.  Kara and Buttermilk (yes, Buttermilk!) did a fantastic job.  I now have a steel, hand-welded rack of serger thread hanging in my sewing room.  And that means I have a drawer available to use for other things.  Yay!
That rack hangs just below a Gutermann thread rack that Mr. Great gave me for Christmas.  Although he's quite patient and understanding about my weekend thread emergencies, I think he's had enough trips to Jo-Ann to last a lifetime.  Would you believe that he showed up at Jo-Ann, coupon in hand, at 6:00 a.m. on Black Friday to pick this up?  He's Great, I tell you.
Clover Seam Ripper
If you thought all seam rippers were created equally, think again.  This one is so comfortable and easy to use.  I should know, I rip out A LOT of stitching.  This one's a winner.
Music Practice Charts
This one is free!  The Practice Shoppe has some really fun downloadable practice charts here.  Just color it in after each practice, and soon it will look really pretty.  These would work for all sorts of chores and things, not just music practice.
That's all I've got, folks.  Hope you've enjoyed it. 

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