White Elephant Gift.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mr. Great's office has a white elephant gift exchange each year.  For some reason, and I'm not quite sure why, we haven't quite gotten the hang of that sort of gift-giving.  When he brings a gag gift, it seems everyone else is exchanging wine and gift cards.  When he brings wine, everyone else is exchanging silly stuff.  This year I was determined to get it right.
Actually, truth be told, I was itching to make a cute little softie, and this was the perfect excuse.  But, seriously, you can't go wrong bringing a tiny white elephant to a white elephant gift exchange, right?

I used the Heather Bailey Effie and Ollie pattern, which is awesome.  It sews up quickly and easily.  Best of all, there's hardly any hand-sewing -- just French knots for the eyes and stitching up the underside at the very end.
I used a scrap of white corduroy left over from when I made Little Brother's baptism pants a few years ago.  To break up all the white, I put a touch of light green behind the ears and under the tail, and I used a light green felt star.
I think part of what I like best about this pattern design is the gussets.  There's a body gusset that connects the side pieces and an underside gusset that connects the inner legs.  Gives it great dimension.  Adds to the cuteness, I think.

I will warn that I don't think the French knot instructions are provided in the right sequence.  The pattern calls for adding the eyes at the very end, but at that point it would be impossible to begin on the underside, because the elephant would be all stitched up.  I put in the eyes after the machine sewing was finished, but before I stuffed or ladder-stitched the underside.  Worked well enough, but I think next time I might try sewing the eyes on the flat pieces, before sewing it all together.
I'm happy to report that this was Mr. Great's most successful white elephant exchange yet.

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  1. Jen,
    Cute white elephant!
    Glade you had a successful white elephant gift exchange.
    We believe that with ether great homemade gifts like yours or gag gifts or wine, these are the best gift parties of all...
    Happy New Year from the staff of AlbinoPhant - www.albinophantblog.com