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Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter's on it's way! 

Birds are singing, green is emerging from trees, flowers are beginning to bloom.  I love this time of year, as Spring unfolds and we witness the wonders of nature.  And I love Easter, when friends and family gather and hearts rejoice at the prospect of rebirth and renewal.  So, to my friends and family near and far . . .
I wish you the joy of new-found treasure, in all that surrounds you and in the little moments where life reveals its magic.

Big Sister in her Sara Dress.

I wish you the exuberance of a child who believes with his whole heart in Good Guys whose unflinching power will always save the day.

I wish you a basket overflowing with blessings big and small; may your heart be filled with gladness and gratitude for every one.
May goodness surround you, and may it refresh and strengthen your commitment to Do Good and Be Good in this imperfect world.

May the season provide a sweet reminder of just how special you are, and how much you mean to those around you.

And may you think of those who mean so much to you, and reach out to them and let them know they are loved.

May the signs of Spring lift your spirits and warm your soul, and may you be inspired to challenge yourself, to climb higher, to grow, to live each day with zest.
I hope your heart will swell with an overwhelming sensation of abundance and prosperity, and that you will remain mindful each day of the blessings of love and happiness, family and faith.

May Easter remind you of bright hopes for tomorrow, and may you feel renewed promise in the gift and power of love.

(my cutie-pie nephew)
I wish you joy, hope, and love.  On Easter Sunday, and every day.

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  1. I LOVE your blog! What an inspiration! It makes me HAPPY and HOPEFUL that there are young mothers like you in this world! Thanks!