Thursday, September 26, 2013

We've been keeping the Tooth Fairy busy lately.  See?

It all started with a tooth that had been a little wiggly for ages, and a cold apple.  Next thing we knew, that tooth was very wiggly.

When it became apparent that Big Sister wouldn't have a mouth full of teeth for much longer, I insisted on taking a picture or two.  "Show me how loose that tooth is," I said.

I snapped one quick picture before the tooth jumped right out of her mouth and landed in her hand.

What a happy surprise!

So we put the tooth into a special box, to make it easy for the Tooth Fairy to find.

Big Sister wrote the Tooth Fairy a note, asking if she could keep the tooth.  

We read The Tooth Mouse,  a lovely story about lost teeth, and off to bed we went.  The next morning, Big Sister woke to find that the Tooth Fairy left her a special gold coin, a $2 bill, and a little bottle to keep her teeth in.  Such a generous fairy!

Two days later, Big Sister lost another tooth.  That one fell out at school.  The Tooth Fairy returned that night.

Tooth 3, like Tooth 1, had a run-in with an apple.  This time it happened in the stands at a football game, with 100,000 of our closest friends.  There was some blood and some drama, but Big Sister was tough and pulled that tooth out.  Mr. Great carried it home in his pocket and delivered it safely to the special tooth box. 

Tooth 4 got more wiggly than the others.  It was barely hanging on.  We had many conversations about whether the tooth was ready to come out or not.  

There was much wiggling, and maybe a little pulling.

And then it was out!

And now this is the toothless smile that we love to see.  

I know this toothless grin will be gone in the blink of an eye.  It's kind of like a baby crawling -- it's a fleeting moment that's over before you even realize that it began.  But I never want to forget.  I've really loved the smile of the little girl with the little teeth, and now this smile of the big girl with no teeth.