Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I think Halloween is pretty much the pinnacle of cuteness when you have little kids.  I mean, really, does it get any better than a tiny, ripped wrestler and a gap-toothed garden gnome?  I'm not sure it does.  Although we have set the bar pretty high in Halloweens past.

Seriously, that's pretty great, right?

Let's take Mr. Lucha Libre.  He's got abs of steel, gold pants, a star on his forehead, wrist-blades and a cool cape.  That's what I call a good costume.  I can't take credit for much here.  I owe almost all of it to Tamsin of iwishiwasa, who put together the gold, the mask, and the vinyl bits.  All I did was make the lumpy muscle shirt.  And for that I owe Sew a Straight Line, who put together a fantastic tutorial.  I'm thankful that I didn't have to do too much sewing, even if I found myself making an emergency ninja mask late last night for today's school (backup) costume.

Hey, who is that masked man?  Oh yeah, it's this cutie pie.

Now, my girlie decided last Halloween that she wanted to be a gnome this year.  And she stuck with it.  All year long.  Thankfully that gave me plenty of time to think about how to make a gnome costume, since she insisted that it be mama-sewn.

Actually, I didn't do it all.  My kiddo sewed most of the hat herself.  We used a pattern from MysticMoor.  She's turning into quite a little seamstress.

The capelet was based on a free pattern and tutorial from Prudent Baby.  The shirt is a cute raglan with shirred neckline and sleeves, the Provincial Top pattern from Terra's Treasures.  The skirt I created, inspired by Jocole's double layer ruffle skirt.  The awesome polka-dot red boots are from Ebay (gnome boots!).

I didn't get nearly as many pictures of my little gnome.  It turns out that while wrestlers like to show their moves and demonstrate their toughness, garden gnomes like to stand still and look cute.  Really, really cute.  See?

So there you have it.  Halloween 2013.  Hope you're enjoying it as much as we are!