2013 Sewing Stats.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Last year I kept a list of my sewing projects.  And I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

I didn't count mending and alterations, and I didn't count the endless Girl Scout patches I sewed.  I probably forgot to log some projects too.  And I still made it to 50!  That means I averaged almost a project a week.  Not bad for somebody who works full-time, has two young kids, and always has a to-do list a mile long. 

So what did I sew?  All kinds of things.  Too bad I didn't do a very good job of photographing or blogging it.

It probably comes as no surprise that my daughter came away with the largest number of my creations.  I sewed 18 items for Big Sister, including dresses, leggings, nightgowns, shirts, skirts, skortings (see here if you have no idea what I'm talking about), a scarf, and a gnome costume.

I sewed 14 items for Little Brother.  I wish I'd branched out a bit more, because his mama-made wardrobe consisted only of pajamas, dress-up clothes, a muscle tee, and a couple of scarves.  I think his lumpy muscle shirt is probably the most fun thing I sewed all year.

Speaking of dress-up clothes, I spent a surprising amount of time working on costumes.  Incredibles, knight, lucha libre, gnome, Batman.  15 items.  Fun stuff.  And funny, coming from somebody who used to think sewing costumes was not worth the time.

I sewed 12 pajama pieces.  Pants, shorts, shirts, nightgowns.  PJs are probably my favorite thing to sew.  Quick, easy, soft, comfy, always a big hit with my kids.

I didn't sew a lot for myself, but what I did sew turned out quite well.  Too bad I haven't taken photos of any of it except the Incredibles costume!  My 6 items of selfish sewing also include a lovely purple Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, a Kitschy Coo Lady Skater dress, a Neue Mode 22990 skirt, and a Sew Much Ado Seafarer top.  I hope to do even better this year.

I sewed 3 items for the home.

I sewed 8 gifts.  I think that's lower than the past few years, but still something to feel good about.

I sewed undies and dresses for dolls, and a doll Incredibles costume.

By far the coolest statistic of all is that I used 27 new patterns.  I love trying new patterns.  Although it would certainly be faster to reuse a pattern I've sewn before, and there are many good ones, I always enjoy the challenge of trying something new.  Only once was it a complete dud.  That's a pretty good success rate, I'd say.  I won't list all of the new patterns I sewed in 2013, but here are some of my favorites, in addition to those I sewed for myself (listed above):  Fishsticks Designs Watered with Love layette set for Create H.O.P.E. DesignsGo To leggingsHeidi & Finn PlayDay dressMADE tee (free) and muscle tee (free), Kitschy Coo Skater dressCali Faye Wednesday dress, Titchy Threads Fancy Pants leggings, and Lil Blue Boo Sienna 2.0 dress.  

Since it's already February and I've yet to complete a sewing project in 2014, I expect that this year will not be quite so productive.  But that's okay.  We'll call it a quality-over-quantity year.

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