Friday, July 11, 2014

Are you always the one behind the camera?  I am, although that has gotten a bit better now that my husband has mastered the iPhone camera.

When you look at your massive library of family pictures, is your face conspicuously absent?  For me, yes. Except for those few iPhone photos here and there.

Have you thought about what how your children will feel about that when you're old or when you've passed on? YES.  I have this awful image in my mind of my kids spending hours sorting through billions of photos, looking for their mama as they first remember me, but coming up with next to nothing.

If you answered yes, here's what you do.  It feels ridiculous and indulgent.  And maybe it is.  But so what?

Get some photos taken of yourself.  Just you.  In a pretty setting that makes you smile.  

Photos courtesy of Sincerely, Sarah Phototography.

Use a good photographer.  One who can make sure you look like you, but the you who's gotten plenty of rest and has flawless skin.

When the photographer is pointing her giant camera in your direction and you're feeling silly and awkward and wondering what in the world you were thinking, just picture your kids being goofballs.

Now here's the hardest part.  When those photos come back, resist the temptation to find every flaw.  You may see imperfections, but your children won't.  They will see you.  And they will love that.

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