Back to School.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer's over, and it's time to get back to the school routine.  But this year the routine is different.  Little Brother, who isn't so little anymore, is starting kindergarten.

I remember when we sent him to preschool.  He was a sweet baby with a big, toothless smile.  When he had a hard time, the teachers would open the door to the adjoining room so he could get a hug from his big sister.  Now, in the blink of an eye, he's too big for that amazing school that we've loved so much and joining Big Sister at her school.  He might still need a hug from the big girl down the hall, as he's a little bit nervous about this big change.

But he'll do fine.  He's a spunky kid who likes to explore and make new friends.  I think he'll end up enjoying this kindergarten adventure.

We've been through this before.  We've sent a tiny kid off to kindergarten with a big backpack and lots of big hopes.  So why is this such a big moment?  Because this is such a different kid.

It's not that I don't hope those same things for this kid.  I definitely do!  But he's a unique little creature and I find myself thinking about different things.
  • I hope he will not compare the new school to the preschool he loves so much, but will embrace the new school as a new experience.
  • I hope he will make new friends and not dwell too much on the preschool friends he misses.
  • I hope he will make it to the bathroom in time.  And when he doesn't, I hope he can recover well.
  • I hope he can sit still when necessary and stay quiet when necessary.
  • I hope he will run his little heart out during PE and recess so that he can focus the rest of the day.
  • I hope he will love learning.  I hope he will learn to love reading.  And writing.
  • I hope that when he gets frustrated, he will slow down and calm himself instead of letting his temper flare.
  • I hope he will let his happy and bright personality shine.
  • I hope he uses his mischievous side for good.
  • I hope he will soon come to be known simply as the great kid that he is, rather than as Big Sister's little brother.  But I hope that he will find comfort in having Big Sister down the hall.
  • I hope he will eat his lunch and not be picky about what we put in his lunchbox.
  • I hope he will not be afraid to try new things, even when he believes he will not be good at them.
  • I hope he will keep trying when things get tough. 
  • I hope he loves school and that this is the beginning of great things for this kid.
I love this kid so much, and I am so proud of him.  I hope he knows that.

That guy isn't the only one growing up around here.  This big kid is starting third grade.  Third!  She's got a teacher who loves Wonder Woman, and then she gets to spend part of the day with the other teacher who raises chickens right there at the school.  I've got a feeling that this will be a good year for this superstar.

Truth be told, it should be a good year for this mama too, who only has to pick up at one school and only has to manage one school schedule.   Hats off to a great start of a great year!

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