Pics Fixed!

Friday, February 28, 2020

For the few of you who still visit my blog (hello, family!), you probably noticed that I had a problem with my blog formatting for a while -- all the images were blocked out thanks to Photobucket's new pricing scheme, which nearly eliminated free hosting and would have required me to pay a monthly fee for hosting my handful of blog header images.  Fortunately, I found a tech wiz who knows her way around this, and now I'm back in business.

To ease back into blogging, I'm going with bullets.  Here are a few brief updates to catch us up, and a few things that are on my mind:
  • We moved out of our house, lived in a rent house for nine months, and did almost a complete remodel of our home.  We went down to the studs, moved a wall, switched a couple of rooms around, attached my sewing room to the house, got a new roof, got new appliances, and made everything feel fresh and new but still true to the original vibe of the home.  We're very happy with how it turned out, very thankful we did the big project.  My only regrets -- we should have redone our bathroom while remodeling the rest of the house, and I wish we'd chosen different door knobs.  If that's the worst I've got to say about that, then it was a huge success.
  • High school is on the horizon!  We've explored options, weighed pros and cons, applied, auditioned, and waited. Now it’s all figured out and we can start to see what the next four years might look like.  We opted out of the really prestigious program in town, didn't even apply.  And we passed on some other really good options too. In the end, it feels like the right decision for this kid and this family.
  • We took a road trip right after Christmas, drove through Arkansas to Nashville.  First vacation in almost three years!  It's so good to be reminded that our family handles road trips well and enjoys having adventures together.  I can't wait to take another trip!
  • 2019 wasn't without its challenges.  Reflecting on it and processing, I keep thinking about don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements.  My dad was a big fan of the book, and he often reminded me of the wisdom of its teachings.  Two of the agreements, "Don't take anything personally" and "Don't make assumptions," have been popping into my head a lot.  I'm working hard to remember that we often have no idea what is really going on with people, what they're struggling with, what leads them to do what they do.
  • I haven't spent enough time in my sewing room, but I've got a project in the works and lots of ideas for future projects. 
  • My daughter has gotten into classic movies.  We've discovered that local theaters actually show a fair number of them.  We've seen Gone with the Wind, Holiday, The Awful Truth, Rear Window, and others at the movie theater.  So much fun!
  • I've been doing lots of reading.  I think I read almost 40 books last year.  That's a lot for me!  And I'm on easily track to surpass that this year.  Always looking for good books to add to my to-read list.
  • I've missed blogging.  But, honestly, I don't know exactly what this resurrection will look like.  But maybe my daughter will be up for some guest blogging...?

But the biggest update of all is that my kids are really growing up.  They've got strong opinions about things, and their privacy concerns are very real.  That means I have to be careful with what I say and what I post.  I always thought I was, but sometimes their standards are a little different from mine.