Positivity in the Face of Coronavirus Isolation

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Yesterday was a hard day.  Spirits were low, tension was high.  I asked some friends to cheer me up.  Boy did they.  So today I want to pay it forward because I know I'm not the only one struggling.  Here are some things that will give you hope, make you smile, help you pass the time, restore your faith in humanity.  Enjoy!

To put a smile on your face, since sometimes that's what we need more than anything:

National Cowboy Museum:  Tim, the security guy at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma has been put in charge of the museum's Twitter account.  He's delightful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:  He has pet donkeys!  You've got to see him with Whiskey and Lulu.  And maybe get some workout tips.

Neighborhood Bear Hunts:  People all over are putting bears in their windows for little ones to spot on their daily walks.  What a great way to spread joy!  And look at this amazing worksheet to go along with the activity (courtesy of neighbor Sydney).

Artisinal Toilet Paper:  This cracked me up.

Love Sweet Love:  Berklee Music College students spreading love through music.

Neighborhood Dance Party:  Coronavirus can't keep these neighbors down.

Innovators and helpers who are putting their skills and talents to work to help others:

Instok:  Local college students on spring break put together a website that allows people to look up products and find a store that has it in stock, to help avoid people running all over town to multiple stores. 

Takeout Transfer:  Local folks set up a website to help people looking for takeout.  Shows what restaurants are open for takeout, compiles ordering instructions and menus.  Over 400 options already up!

Shopping Angels:  Student took initiative to meet a local need, created a network of shoppers to help the elderly get groceries.

Tito's Vodka Hand Sanitizer:  Making lemonade out of life's lemons, as it were.  They're not alone in this either -- Desert Door sotol distillery is doing it too, as are other alcoholic beverage companies.

American Giant Masks:  American clothing factory put usual production on hold to switch to mask production.

Covid Rangers:  Locals mobilizing to sew face mask covers for Austin medical providers.  Over 2,800 members!

Lots of companies are making free content available and streaming all sorts of cool stuff to help us get through this:

Virtual Tours and Visits:  To all sorts of places I wish I could be right now -- national parks, museums, Disney, sites around the world.  Lots of ways to feel like you've escaped for a moment.

Zoo Live Streams:  Cute animals.  All the time.

Shedd Aquarium:  They're letting animals explore exhibits while the aquarium is closed.  Adorable.

Cincinnati Zoo:  Home safaris.  Animals in action.

Royal Opera:  Streaming both opera and ballet.

Podcasts for Kids:  This is a great time to try out some new podcasts, and this list contains some excellent suggestions.

All Sorts of Classes and Memberships:  Waiving fees, giving long trial subscriptions, generous arrangements to provide content to folks stuck at home.

94 Hours of Puppies and Kitties:  Thank you, Animal Planet.  Sounds perfect.

Audible:  Unlocked lots of free audiobooks for kids stuck at home.

Amazon Prime:  Streaming kids programming, no membership required.

Austin Music, Live-Streamed:  So much great music.  Amazing.  And good for the soul.

Austin City Limits:  Video archives, free.  More great music.

And that's only the beginning -- there's some really hopeful stuff out there if you just step away from the news and tune into it.  Hope it helps you through the day.

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