About Me.

Once upon a time, there lived a shy, young, freckled girl, who loved nothing more than to create. She painted, she drew, she used up art supplies faster than her parents could imagine.  She played music and loved practicing her flute.  She was good at these things, and they were good for her.  So her parents called her The Great Jen.

One day, that girl, not nearly as shy, but still quite freckled, grew up and went to law school.  She accumulated an impressive list of academic and professional accomplishments.  She met a handsome young man and married him.  She had two amazing children, a girl and a boy.  She was a pretty great lawyer and a pretty great wife and mother, but something was missing.  Her only creative outlet was wrapping gifts, which made her feel not-so-great-at-all.

Then, one fine Christmas, her husband gave her a sewing machine.  Although he doubted very much that she would use it, and was quite convinced it would collect dust, he chose with care (a Pfaff!). Soon, it was clear to all who knew her what had been missing -- creativity.  With creativity restored to her life, The Great Jen returned.

The Great Jen now spends her days lawyering and enjoying family, trying to teach her children the importance of creative expression, and dreaming up all sorts of creative projects.  Her nights are usually spent sewing and creating.

I am The Great Jen.  

Photo courtesy of Sincerely, Sarah Photography.